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What To Consider When Buying a Meeting Table

Selecting the right conference or meeting table is vital if you are to make a great impression in your office, as well as provide your staff and visitors with the comfort and productivity of a quality meeting room. Regardless of whether you are searching for a large conference table, or smaller meeting tables for a group of people, it is important to consider your requirements carefully, in addition to the aesthetic appearance you’d like to create.

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The aspects and features to keep in mind when you are searching for meeting tables include the following:

  • What sized table you will need, and how many people it will normally need to sit.
  • Considering the right shape for the space you have and the purpose of the table.
  • Making the most out of the space you do have.
  • The chairs that will be selected to go with the table.

Be Aware Of Available Space

You should be shopping for your new meeting table armed with detailed knowledge of just how much room there is available to place the table, as well as any additional accessories (don’t forget the chairs, extra furniture, as well as ample room for people to move around). Most conference rooms will require furniture that extends beyond just the main table, whilst small meeting rooms may need a simple table and a modest number of chairs. Other furniture items that may need to be considered as part of the space include cabinets, bookshelves, morning tea facilities, and so on. Having a room design complete with measurements is an important first step in the process.

Consider The Rest Of The Room

If you are not creating a new meeting room from scratch, considering the existing decor when it comes to style and color scheme is important. The color and style of the walls, flooring and any existing furniture should be thought about as you search for a new meeting table. Matching your furniture is important in a professional environment, as is keeping everything in line with your branding. If the meeting table is to be the first item that you’re planning to purchase for the room, consider whether it will be easy to purchase additional matching furniture in terms of color, finish and style, if necessary, in future.

What Size is Best?

How many people will normally be using the conference table? Plan for the maximum possible number, although try not to over-estimate as purchasing a table that is too large for the vast majority of your meetings can be overkill – in terms of wasted money, and wasted space, as well as impacting on the intimacy of the room.

Expandable Meeting Tables vs Fixed Size

With size in mind, many meeting and conference tables are able to be expanded and contracted, allowing you to set the size according to how many people will be present at any one time. This enables you to purchase a large capacity meeting table, but to also have the ability to contract it down to a much more intimate size if the meeting only includes a few, or two, people – this eliminates the feeling of a large amount of unused space in a room when smaller meetings or conferences are taking place.

Shape of the Table

A boardroom table does not necessarily have to be a standard rectangular or oval shape. There are a variety of shapes available for meeting and conference tables, and the purpose and types of your meeting can have a bearing on the shape you select. If the meetings are usually chaired by one or two people, this may lead to the desire of a different shaped table to that desired for meetings where everyone collaborates together. Longer tables allow one or two people to be seated at a more prominent position where they can be the point of focus, whilst rounder tables allow all to have an equal footing during collaborative meetings.

Think About the Chairs

Some tables will be sold with a matching set of office chairs, or a selection of chair styles that you can choose from or customize. Or, you may already have your chairs and are just looking to purchase the meeting table alone. The chairs you select need to be in proportion to the table. They should allow people to sit at a comfortable height, as well as to have ample space in between the person next to them. Being too cramped can cause stress and discomfort. The chairs should not be too large or too small for the table, and ideally need to be tested by people of various heights, at the same time as the table is being considered for purchase.

Remember, your meeting or conference room table is more than just an object that takes up space in the room. It is the centerpiece, and something that will be considerably appreciated when it is both attractive and comfortable for all who make use of it.

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