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Lumbar Chair Support for Office Seating

We spend 9 hours a day sitting on an office chair. Did you ever ask yourself how important it is for our back to have support? In the end what we do is back breaking work. An ergonomic chair at our work place is very important to provide back support for us. This is true also in the boardroom where meetings can stretch longer than several hours and people start squirming in their seat.
lumbar spine

While sitting on an office chair a good lumbar chair support is essential for the lower back. A good ergonomic chair which provides lumbar support should offer the following benefits:

  • The pelvis, shoulders and ears should be aligned
  • It should allow the natural curvature of the lower spine to take its shape

There are several kinds of ergonomic chairs available and they have lumbar support built into the chair. Before choosing an ergonomic chair you should test it yourself. To test the chair you should sit up in a straight position and rest your back completely on the chair. If you feel that the chair is naturally supporting your back without you having to lean back then it is the right one for you. Some office chairs are not adjustable and that is why you should try it for yourself before you buy it.

Another important thing to keep in mind while buying an ergonomic chair is your height and weight. While using an ergonomic office chair your most important concern is your back. However you should also pay attention to head support. The head also should be aligned in a straight position with your back. Otherwise you can develop severe neck pain and spondylitis in the long run. The height of the upper torso of your body should fit exactly into the back support of the chair.

There are other forms of ergonomic support available too. For example ergonomic cushions are portable and can be fixed on to any chair. They support your lower back and keep you comfortable while working. The cushion naturally adjusts to the shape of your lower back and provides you with the required support. However these cushions cannot be adjusted according to your height or seating positions. You have to sit straight whenever you are using them.

Some people think that placing a towel or a cushion as a back rest is sufficient. These methods are useful temporarily but in the long run you need something which is more substantial. Cushions and towels barely provide any support for your spine. An ergonomic chair is a worthwhile investment for a trouble free back.

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